Case Studies

So you get the gist of what we do.

But how does it apply in the real world?

And how could it work for you?

Case study 1:

De-stressing tender submissions


A consortium of companies needed to prepare a 200-page tender submission for a design project contract. But each company – and its expert staff – were already
engaged in pressing projects and commitments, and didn’t have the time or resources required to deal with the tender’s myriad and complex demands.

Illumidoc set up targeted group and one-to-one meetings, a work plan, and a delivery schedule for the submission, and managed the entire process. We engaged with each subject expert, gleaning information to showcase individual skills and the team’s collective clout and experience.

With this, we drafted a cohesive proposal, demonstrating why this specific team was clearly the best for the job. In doing so, we connected the people who would need to collaborate closely, keep on top of the schedule and meet key milestones – freeing the client to focus on high-level tender management and other key commitments.



Case study 2:

Making client data useful and usable


A key Illumidoc client inherited a large database of files, which needed structuring into bronze, silver, and gold data standards. Our team assessed the data according
to its quality and value, creating a database system that captured and categorised it, and made it strategically informative.

We then transferred sub-sections into a consistent, current and adaptable format, which is fully searchable and retrievable.

The client can now decentralise all key content and distribute it quickly to any or all stakeholders, thereby increasing insights and knowledge, and improving decision-making and performance.



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