Document content services

Standout communications for bids and proposals

We create, curate and manage clear, concise documentation that conveys your expertise with professional clarity and tone. 


We work with:

  • Engineering, construction and design firms
  • Cultural and academic institutions
  • Government bodies and NGOs
  • Start-ups and multinational corporations

Our Services

Copywriting and Editing

Creating and editing content that gets your key messages across with clarity and
impact – to distinctly defined target audiences.



Company Documentation

Managing and organising your documents so you’re always ready to communicate,
with utmost confidence.

Technical Writing

Creating and overseeing industry-specific content that communicates your expertise



Conducting primary and secondary-source research, and interviews, to provide clear
context and understanding to your communications.


We’ve the flexibility and capacity to support projects of any size, anywhere in the world. We also have the scalability to work to aggressive timescales, and can work remotely or in person, according to your requirements.



Why work with us?

The hand-picked Illumidoc team is all about focus, clarity, and communicative power. We’re here to help showcase your talent and promote your expertise, based on a clear picture of your goals, and who you’re talking to.

Clear, persuasive communication always focuses keenly on the target audience, so Illumidoc’s services are always tailored specifically to you, your project, the end
reader, and the desired outcome. We cover everything from proofreading to content-creation and project coordination, freeing you up to focus on strategy… and
successful outcomes.

Your audience may be business leaders, technical experts, government departments, funding bodies, or the public. Whichever it is, we’ll help you to communicate clearly and persuasively, and get your key messages across.

Meanwhile, our library and database skills keep all your documentation accessible and updated, so you’re always ready to pursue fresh opportunities. On this basis, we work for clients across a range of sectors, from corporations to consortia, start-ups, cultural and academic institutions, government bodies, and even individuals.



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